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The Grist Mill at Keremeos, British Columbia
Keremeos Grist Mill and Gardens
Keremeos , British Columbia


   The Grist Mill at Keremeos
is the last surviving flour
mill from pioneer times in
British Columbia. The Mill
has had an interesting
history that has brought it
back as a working mill with
much of its original
machinery intact.
   Built beside the Keremeos

Creek in the Similkameen
Valley of British Columbia in
1877 by Barrington Price, the
Mill is a prime example of
pioneer industrial
technology. The building was
constructed of hand-squared
pine logs utilizing dovetail
joinery. Wooden machinery
components were locally made

while grinding equipment was
sourced from Britain (Barford-
Perkins), Canada (Waterous)
and the United States (James
Jones New Process).
   The history of the Grist
Mill at Keremeos is described
from its construction, its
waterworks, its machinery and
its companion general store /

residence. The Mill had a
working-life to 1895 then had
multiple uses as a barn,
chicken coop and an artist
studio. The General Store /
Residence was a store while
the Mill was in operation,
and then became a residence
having several additions
added over time.

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