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A German Prisoner of War Camp
Bowmanville Museum
Bowmanville , Ontario


how Camp 30 came to be, tell
the stories of the German
POW's housed there, describe
famous escape attempts
including the infamous Battle
of Bowmanville, and comment
on what life was like for a
POW living far from home.

   I would like to
acknowledge the work of
former Bowmanville Museum
curator Daniel Hoffman and
his book "Camp 30 'Ehrenwort'
A German Prisoner-of-War Camp
in Bowmanville 1941-1945"
which has been a great

   I would also like to
thank current Clarington
Museum staff Charles Taws and
Martha Rutherford Conrad for
thier past research work on
Camp 30 which has proved
invaluable while putting this
exhibit together.
   I would also like to
thank Douglas Williams, the

writer-director of the
documentary Hitler's
Canadians which has provided
video excerpts for this

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