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Benvoulin Church: A Building That Reflects Its Community
Central Okanagan Heritage Society
Kelowna , British Columbia


community for over seventy
years, the church was closed
in 1964. With the building
falling into disrepair and
the threat of its destruction
through 'fire practice',
local citizens came together
to save and restore the
building. The Central
Okanagan Heritage Society was

formed in 1982, with the
Benvoulin Church becoming
their first restoration
project. In late 1983, the
church was designated as a
municipal heritage building
under the Heritage
Conservation Act. The
Benvoulin Church and site
continue to serve the

community as a venue for
public, private and cultural
   Through the use of
photographs, images and text,
the story of the Benvoulin
Church will be explored and
brought to life. The physical
changes to the church and
site reflect the changing

needs of the community. The
construction, restoration and
the continued preservation of
this building and site
reflects the value that the
community placed and
continues to place on the
Benvoulin Church.

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