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Son of a Shipbuilder
Albert County Museum
Hopewell Cape , New Brunswick


   The Albert County Museum
in Hopewell Cape, New
Brunswick, is the home of the
Prime Minister R.B. Bennett
Commemorative Centre. R.B.'s
story is told throughout the
eight buildings that make up
the museum. The traditional
museum exhibits portray
R.B.'s life from his birth

through his education and
careers to his political life
and beyond. The production of
this exhibit allows the
inclusion of other resources
into the story and provides
the opportunity for R.B.'s
story to reach a much wider
audience. Through this
project we bring together the

whole story of R.B. Bennett
into a single source of
information that can be used
as a resource for students
and educators alike in their
quest to understand the
complexities surrounding the
political climate during the
Great Depression.
   A look at where R.B. came

from and the various
influences on his childhood
sheds light on the compassion
and generosity of his
complicated life. A
complicated life, not a
   R.B.'s accomplishments
are often overlooked, but not
as much as his personal

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