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Ambroz Blacksmith Shop, Mossbank SK
Mossbank and District Museum Inc.
Mossbank , Saskatchewan


   Blacksmithing was perhaps
the most vital industry in
small prairie towns during
the first half of the 20th
century. It both produced
needed equipment and articles
and, as importantly, kept
them in operable condition.
As well, blacksmiths
generally did double duty as

ferriers (horse shoe fitters)
thereby keeping the primary
source of farm power active
as well as transportation of
the farmers produce to
   During the 1920s, a
Polish immigrant, Frank
Ambroz purchased the
blacksmith shop in which he

had been employed. He served
the Mossbank Saskatchewan
area up until the 1970s from
the same location.
   This exhibit will serve
to document blacksmithing
equipment and processes as
used at the Mossbank
blacksmith shop formerly
owned by Mr. Ambroz. It is

the last operable in situ
shop in Saskatchewan and as
such has been registered as a
Provincial Historic Site.
   The exhibit will be in a
book type format:
   Chapter One will give a
brief history of the Mossbank
area, the “smithy” and a
short biography of Frank

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