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Towns-past and present of South Central Saskatchewan
Assiniboia and District Historical Museum
Assiniboia , Saskatchewan


   The nearly sixty
communities of this exhibit -
hamlets, villages and towns,
past and present - were built
by the same people who
settled in the districts and
through the years worked and
struggled to make a living
and a real home for their
families in the place they

chose to live. (We of Excel
History Book) It was heart-
warming to learn of the
sacrifices and determination
of these enterprising people.
   This exhibit could not
have been possible without
the number of local history
books, local history buffs
and ardent photographers in

the persons of Mrs. Lila
Martinson and George
Copeland. There are also two
very good sources for all
Saskatchewan residents: the
author David McLennan of the
excellent book “Our Towns”
(especially the information
regarding geography), and
author Bill Barry's important

and well used “People
Places”, which had the land
location and dates of Post
Offices with the source of
the centres’ names. To all a
huge “thank you”. The
discovery of a Saskatchewan
telephone directory circa
1928 in our museum collection
provided information not

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