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History of the Wolseley Courthouse and Champions of Justice
Wolseley Courthouse Interpretive Centre Inc.
Wolseley , Saskatchewan


as a bedrock for the region's
emerging economy, politics,
and society".
   These Champions of
Justice were integral to the
establishment of a new rule
of law in the North-West
Territories. Wetmore,
Haultain, and Thomson
"emphasized finding new rules

of law, fashioned for the new
communities and novel
situations of the
Territories, while remaining
true to English common law".
Due to the lack of existing
British laws in Western
Canada, they were required to
work without precedent in the
early days, having no easy

way to apply national and
provincial legal precedent to
the territories. Thus, they
had to work from the ground
up, making decisions based on
the local situations and
contexts to create a new rule
of law.
   Through the use of
textual, photographic, and

audio material, this exhibit
explores how the local
history of the Wolseley
Courthouse reflects the
larger national history of
the North-West Territories
and Saskatchewan between 1887
and 1909. The exhibit also
examines the changing role of
the Courthouse in

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