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Parry Sound Centennial Time Capsule Digital Scrapbook
West Parry Sound District Museum
Parry Sound , Ontario


   On Tuesday, February 3,
1987 Vice Principal Ray
Pavlove and student
representatives from William
Beatty Public School stood in
front of the Parry Sound Town
Council and requested that a
school project become
officially endorsed as part
of the Town’s Centennial

   William Beatty students,
with the support of the West
Parry Sound District Museum,
the Parry Sound District
School Board, the Parry Sound
Area Chamber of Commerce,
area’s surrounding
municipalities and
communities, set out to share

the Parry Sound of 1987 with
the citizens of 2087.
   Unlike most time capsule
projects at the time, one
large vault was not sealed
into the ground. Two hundred
and twenty-nine small modules
were combined together to
create one of the largest
time capsules in Canada.

   The small modules were
sold to community members so
that everyone would have a
chance to participate and
preserve the culture of 1987.
Students worked together to
promote, sell and prepare
each module for their one
hundred year journey through

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