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The Madawaska River-lifeblood of the formation of Combermere
Mission House Museum & Gallery
Combermere , Ontario


   This virtual exhibit
centres on the village of
Combermere and the immediate
surrounding area. A major
tributary of the Ottawa
River, the Madawaska River
passes through Combermere.
Using the significance of
this river to early
settlement times, the exhibit

will draw on a selection of
family histories to explain
the livelihood, recreation
and use made of this river.
   Celebrating its 150th
anniversary in 2009, the
Valley Market store still
reflects those early times
and the present storekeeper
will introduce the history of

the store. Like the hub of an
old cartwheel, the store has
been the nucleus of this
community with its various
proprietors collecting
anecdotes over the years.
These stories, just like the
spokes of that wheel, reach
out into the history of this
place. Chronicling these

stories will bring the
history to life and link to
the present day descendants
of those times.
   Settlers came from
England, Ireland and Germany
to this part of rural Ontario
in the late 1850s and early
1860s. Originally named
Dennisonís Bridge after early

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