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Made on Pelee: The History of Grape Farming and Wineries on Pelee Island
Pelee Island Heritage Centre
Pelee Island , Ontario


isolation, lack of
communication to the
mainland, transportation
issues and crop failures.
The exhibit also details the
cultural practices of grape
growing to the successful
industry that it became.
Pelee Island produced many
award winning wines, brandy

and champagne (which was a
first in Canada). The
introduction of tobacco and
the low market prices for the
grapes led to the decline of
grape growing and wine
manufacturing on the Island.
The late 1970s about a half
century later brought about
the rebirth of grape farming

to the Island and the
establishment of Pelee Island
Winery. This exhibit also
shows the pioneering life and
the legacy that it left
behind and the spirit that
has come to typify community
life of the Island.

   Jeff Hasulo
   Ron Tiessen
   Suzanne Friemann
   Kim Gardner
   Vanessa Taylor
   Pelee Island Winery
   Wolfgang Moritz
   Walter Schmoranz
   Liz Bennett

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