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Faces of PikwÓkanagÓn
Algonquin Way Cultural Centre (The)
PikwÓkanagÓn (Golden Lake) , Ontario


   Imagine a time, more than
two centuries after first
contact with Samuel de
Champlain in 1613,
establishment of new Canadian
settlements, exposure to new
epidemics, the Royal
Proclamation of 1763, the
establishment of Upper and
Lower Canada, and loss of

hunting territory, when a new
challenge faces the Algonquin
people. This new challenge
was the designation of
Reserve #39 near Golden Lake,
Ontario in 1873.
   Located in the Ottawa
Valley, Reserve #39 was
originally, and still is,
commonly referred to as

Golden Lake Indian Reserve.
Today, we are the Algonquins
of PikwÓkanagÓn, meaning ôA
hilly placeö.
   Faces of PikwÓkanagÓn is
a pictorial timeline of the
adaptation and endurance of
the Algonquins of
PikwÓkanagÓn since the
designation of Reserve #39.

The images in our virtual
exhibit represent that past
140 years of Algonquin
strength in a proud and
progressive community. Many
of these photos capture the
daily lives of those residing
in PikwÓkanagÓn during a time
when there were changes in
government policy,

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