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Refugee of Troy: The Historic Misener House of Troy Ontario
Westfield Heritage Village
Rockton , Ontario


   The Conrad Misener House
at Westfield Heritage Village
is an important artefact that
represents of the migration
of a family to Canada, and
has been adopted by a
community that recognizes the
value of preserving our
heritage. The Misener family,
after a tortuous journey

through three wars, Germany,
Holland, the United States
and Upper Canada, they
finally came to rest in Troy
Ontario. What they found here
in Beverly Township was peace
and prosperity. Their family
grew and grew and spread
across Canada and down into
the United States. In 1904

they began a tradition of a
summer time family reunion,
and though the location has
changed, the reunion has
continued uninterrupted to
this day. In August 2012 the
108th Misener Family Reunion
will be held in Welland
   The house itself is a

simple, humble, post and beam
building from 1832. It was
made with local lumber sawn
in the Misenerís own mill on
Fairchildís Creek. It was
inhabited for more than a
hundred years by three
generations of the family
before it began to fall into
ruin. Myrtle Scroggie, Arthur

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