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Serving our Veterans, Serving our Community (1946-2011)
Sunnybrook Archives
Toronto , Ontario


   When members of Canada’s
military returned from battle
during the Second World War
their needs surpassed the
ability of hospitals such as
the Christie Street Military
Hospital and The Chorley Park
Hospital to provide for their
medical and health care
needs. In 1943 the

Department of Veteran Affairs
commissioned the
architectural firm of Allward
and Guinlock, to build the
newest, and largest, centre
for veterans’ health care in
Canada. Chief Architect for
the hospital’s construction
was Hugh Allward, the son of
Walter Allward the sculptor

of The Vimy Monument. The
first patient was admitted to
Sunnybrook Hospital on
September 26, 1946.
   Broadcast on CBC Radio,
on 12 June, 1948, Prime
Minister William Lyon
Mackenzie King’s officially
opened of Canada’s largest
veteran’s hospital. In his

address, King said:
“Sunnybrook Hospital
symbolizes sacrifices made by
those members of the armed
forces whom this hospital
aims to serve, and seeks to
honour…My earnest hope is
that it may equally express
our resolve to share in the
building of a better world in

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