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Mennonite Memories of Pelee Island, Ontario, 1925-1950
Essex-Kent Mennonite Heritage Centre
Leamington , Ontario


Road in spring of 1925. Later
that year the Mission Hall on
Henderson Road was used. By
1929, services took place in
the Methodist Church building
on East and West Road. After
1929, the congregation moved
to different homes around the
Island, until 1950, when all
Mennonites had moved to the

Canadian mainland.
   This virtual exhibit
depicts life on Pelee Island
for the small Mennonite
community. The exhibit's
images and reminiscences are
grouped into eight
storylines: Church Life,
Family Life, Social Life,
School Days, The Pheasant

Hunt, Farming Life, Winter,
and Landmarks.

   We would like to
acknowledge the many people
who shared their photographs,
memories, and time to make
this exhibit possible. They
   Gertie Anderson, Erna
Barkovsky, Sonya Bedal,
Margaret Braun, Hazel

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