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Charles Wilson Silver Collection
Soo Line Historical Museum
Weyburn , Saskatchewan


   Charles F. L. Wilson – a
farmer hailing from Weyburn,
Saskatchewan – died March 10,
1995, at the age of 90 years.
By his Last Will and
Testament, he directed that
“all my antiques” be given to
the Soo Line Historical
Society for “preserving and
displaying” and “being

responsible for the
safekeeping” of them. The
Society is a non-profit body
corporate and operates the
Soo Line Historical Museum in
a substantial brick building
at Weyburn, SK. The Executors
of the late Mr. Wilson’s
estate wished to make the
gift to the Museum effective

and the Society was willing
to accept.
   The pieces that Mr.
Wilson collected were not
used by your typical pioneer
family but by the wealthy and
upper class. They were not
practical, and were bought
for show. Charles was more
interested in collecting

things that adorn, and would
go out of his way to complete
a set that was incomplete at
time of purchase. Out of
these collections of 5000
pieces, 437 have been
designated as cultural
property under Import/Export
Act. Our two-part focus for
this virtual exhibit will

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