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The Legacy of Frost & Wood: Outstanding in their Field
Heritage House Museum
Smiths Falls , Ontario


   For 116 years, the Frost &
Wood Company was one of the
largest manufacturers of farm
implements in Canada. The
name “Frost & Wood” was known
worldwide for producing
durable, reliable, and the
most technologically advanced
machinery of its time. Even
still, during World War II,

Frost & Wood was the largest
munitions manufacturer in
Eastern Ontario, producing
hundreds of thousands of hand
grenades and artillery
   The Frost & Wood Company
was founded in 1839 by
partners Ebenezer Frost and
Alexander Wood. Frost & Wood

soon became one of the
largest employers in Smiths
Falls, Ontario and not only
impacted this community, but
the farm implements they
manufactured were the
principal tools used in rural
communities across Canada and
abroad for generations. Frost
& Wood was truly “Outstanding

in their Field”.
   When Frost & Wood
eventually closed its doors
in 1955, the factory was
demolished down to the very
last brick. The company,
which had held a prominent
place in the heart of Smiths
Falls, was no more and left
no lasting memorial to the

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