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Opportunities in the North
Sam Waller Museum
The Pas , Manitoba


   The Pas, located north of
the 53rd parallel in
Manitoba, is a town defined
by its industrial and
transportation history. More
importantly, it is the
diversity of the industries
in this northern community
that allows it to continue to
thrive. This virtual exhibit

highlights the development of
industry and transportation
between 1912 (when The Pas
was incorporated as a town)
and 1950. Specifically,
photographs and text explore
the community's history of
the fur trade, agriculture,
mining, lumber companies,
commercial fishing, and how

these key industries drove
the development of, and were
affected by, transportation
networks via rail, air,
water, and road. These
varied opportunities drew men
and women to The Pas to seek
employment and put to use
entrepreneurial skills to
benefit from the natural

resources of the area and the
expanding transportation
   On a wider scale, this
virtual exhibit highlights
the historical development of
industries that touch on
contemporary issues such as
food security in the North,
wildlife conservation, the

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