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Echoes of the Past
Didsbury and District Historical Society
Didsbury , Alberta


   Come and explore the
journey of three families: a
politician; an urban family
and rural families to learn
how they settled and built
the town of Didsbury and how
the following generations
continue to contribute and
serve the town and district
and society as a whole.

   Didsbury, Alberta was
founded in 1894 when Jacob Y.
Shantz brought a group of 34
Mennonite settlers to
establish a town and develop
the rich farm lands in the
   We will explore and learn
about the family of Cornelius
Hiebert who became the first

Mennonite MLA for Rosebud
Constituency. He was elected
to the Legislative Assembly
in 1905 when Alberta became a
province. Where is his
family now and did they
continue to live in Didsbury?
Did any of his descendants
work in politics?
   Allen S. Gole came to

Didsbury in 1921 and went to
work for his uncle in a Flour
Mill. This Mill burned down
in 1910 & again in 1948.
Allen Gole built his own feed
& seed cleaning plant in
1928. Over the years there
were a number of disasters
but Allen Gole and his three
sons continued operating

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