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Jack Ray: Selling Glamour and Illusion
North American Carnival Museum and Archives
Stittsville , Ontario


National Exhibition (CNE) and
the "Fair for Britain". His
colourful, modern, art deco
show fronts, structures and
buildings would adorn CNE and
Conklin shows until the end
of the 1950s. His work was so
respected throughout the
industry that showmen
travelled to the CNE to see

Ray's designs. Jack was the
first to specialize in
amusement park design and he
was inducted into the
International Association of
Amusement Parks and
Attractions Hall of Fame in
   Ray's creative pop
culture design can be seen in

his architectural drawings
and artist renderings which
show the Art Deco and modern
design movements in the
outdoor amusement industry
during the middle of the 20th
century and the innovations
of this little remembered but
very important member of the
carnival and amusement park

   Like the carnival itself,
its history exists on the
fringes of society. There is
an interest in, and
historians dedicated to, the
subject, but the itinerant
nature of the industry has
left large gaps in the
documentation. In Jack's

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