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For King and County: Soldiers of the Haliburton Highlands
Minden Hills Museum
Minden , Ontario


   In the fall of 2009 the
Minden Hills Museum displayed
an exhibit entitled For King
and County: The Soldiers of
Haliburton County. This
exhibit was widely popular
and reached all members of
the community. These
Community Memories are a
continuation of that exhibit,

expanding on it, and allowing
it to be accessible to all of
   The exhibit was not about
war or whether a war can be
justified. It was about the
individuals who put down
their tools and said "I'll
go". It features memorabilia
from the Minden Hills Museum,

Stanhope Museum, Haliburton
Museum, Minden Legion,
Haliburton Echo & Minden
Times and residents of
Haliburton County.
   The exhibit focuses on
many people from the local
Haliburton dignitary Walter
Noice, and his wife Ida, to
the wartime sweethearts Vera

Cryderman and Stuart Taylor;
from the inspiration poetry
of local Joseph H. Burns to
the contributions to medicine
by Doctor Wilfred Crowe.
   The timeline includes
Haliburtonís history of
wartime, from attestations
made by locals from
Haliburton County to become

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