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Through the Looking Glass: One hundred years of Women's Groups in the Eastern Townships
Eastern Townships Resource Centre
Sherbrooke , Quebec


   This exhibition discusses
the role and heritage of
women's groups in the Eastern
Townships, from the
establishment of the first
Women’s Institute, in 1911,
to the present day. The key
aspect is the establishment a
link between present-day
women's groups and

organizations and the issues
and group-dynamics that
galvanized Townships women
over the last hundred years.
By demonstrating the
remarkable continuity in
focus and means of action
demonstrated by local women’s
groups through time, the
exhibition seeks to stimulate

awareness of the
effectiveness of collective
action and a renewed sense of
local identity. The title
"Through the Looking Glass"
evokes a female protagonist,
Alice, but more importantly,
the frequent switching back
and forth through time that
characterizes Lewis Carroll's

famous story.
   The Eastern Townships
Anglophone community was
mainly rural during the first
half of the 20th century, and
individual Anglophone farming
families became more and more
isolated as rural areas
became increasingly
Francophone. In this context,

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