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Achieving 25 years of Excellence - Millet and District Museum
Millet and District Museum and Archives
Millet , Alberta


   The Millet and District
Historical Society opened the
Millet and District Museum in
1985 after many unsuccessful
attempts to find a suitable
location. The Town of Millet
suggested the acquirement of
the unclaimed cultural
component of a Municipal and
Recreation Grant that was

allocated to Millet. The Town
invited the Society to use
the funds gained to build a
museum in the new Millet Town
Administration Building,
which was about to be
   After 25 years of
operating what is now the
Millet and District Museum,

Archives and Visitor
Information Centre, the
volunteers have much to
celebrate. Over the years the
volunteers and staff took
many steps to create a museum
that has achieved excellence
in many different areas. The
exhibition "Achieving
Excellence - 25 year of

Millet and District Museum"
showcases these
accomplishments and allows
the viewer to experience some
of the functions of the
museum. To highlight these 25
years serving the community,
the museum needed ongoing
exhibits to showcase to the
public. Appropriately, this

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