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Cole Harbour Then & Now; Rural Breadbasket to Urban Community
Cole Harbour Heritage Farm Museum
Halifax , Nova Scotia


   The community of Cole
Harbour was established in
1765 as an allotment of six
500 acre lots. The community
stretched from the town of
Dartmouth eastward to the
Township of Lawrencetown,
with its northern boundary
the Township of Preston.
Founded by Foreign

Protestants, Cole Harbour
remained a rural community
until the population
pressures of post WWII bought
up, expropriated and
otherwise consumed large
acreages of land.
Ironically, the war years
were also a defining time for
agriculture in Cole Harbour

where more cleared land was
under cultivation than at any
time in the community's
history. The change from
rural to urban started slowly
but once underway the
urbanization of this once
pastoral landscape was very
rapid. A trickle in the
1960s turned into a torrent

by the early 1970s. Land
speculation, the alarming
disappearance of farm land
and threats to the health of
the harbour galvanized a core
of concerned citizens into
action. The Cole Harbour
Environment Committee (CHEC)
formed to alert, inform and
educate the people and

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