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The Broken Ground: A History of a Cape Breton Coal Mining Community
Inverness Miners' Museum
Inverness , Nova Scotia


stories on our expansive
deck, dance to the fiddle and
enjoy fresh crab during the
season. Saunter through our
history, talk to our
informative guides and bask
in our culture. Move through
our Community Memories
virtual exhibit, enjoy our
photos and listen to our

historian, Ned MacDonald read
from his history, The Broken
Ground. We look forward to
greeting you on site and to
our community along the
western shores of Cape
Breton, the sunset side of
the island.

   We would like to thank
everyone in the community who
helped donate, fundraise, and
volunteer their time, with
the Inverness Miner's Museum.
To anyone who values the
story-telling tradition, the
coal miners who lived the
history and told their story,

and to those who contributed
material, we extend our
appreciation and gratitude.

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