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The Last Beluga Fisherman
Musée de la mémoire vivante (Museum of Living Memory)
Saint-Jean-Port-Joli , Quebec


   The events you are about
to uncover in this exhibit
occurred in Rivière-Ouelle,
more specifically, in Pointe
de la Rivière Ouelle. The
beluga, called a "porpoise"
many years ago, shaped the
history and landscape of this
town, just as it did its
inhabitants and its legends.

Rivière-Ouelle was known for
its belugas, outside Quebec
and on other continents.
   Join us on this truly
epic journey. Discover a cast
of characters that includes
Louis XIV, many unexpected
events and some very strong
family ties.
   Happy time travelling!

   This exhibit was made
possible by Liliane and
Raymond-Marie Raymond, who
knew how to preserve the
words of a friend, and by
Georges-Henri Lizotte, who
gave me access to the
archives of his father,
Émile, the last beluga

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