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Clarksburg Sesquicentennial
Craigleith Heritage Depot
Blue Mountain , Ontario


   Nestled in a valley near
the blue-green shores of
Georgian Bay there is a
village where time appears to
have stood still.
   One hundred and fifty
years ago, prominent
businessman William Jabez
Marsh came to this valley,
looking for a place to build

a mill. Here he founded
Clarksburg Ontario.
   So why did he name it
   Soon after Marsh arrived
in this valley, an American
settler by the name of
William Clark appeared. Clark
paired up with two brothers
John and Thomas Tyson as soon

got down to the business of
building a mill. The main
intersection was laid out and
homes were built. In 1860, a
meeting was held to settle on
a name for this new
community. There was a tie
vote for the names
“Marshville” and
“Clarksburg”, after the two

men who first settled the
area. The story goes that
Marsh insisted that his
friend have the honour of the
village being named for him
and Clark insisted the main
street be Marsh Street. Such
civilized early settlers in
   As early as 1861 the

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