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The R-100 Airship
Société historique du Marigot
Longueuil , Quebec


   Few events in Quebec's
history have generated as
much excitement as the 1930
arrival of the R-100 airship.
Media coverage of the event
was extraordinary, and as
famed French-Canadian singer
La Bolduc sang in one of her
songs, “Everyone's talking
about the R-100.” On a

regional scale, the flight of
the R-100 became one of the
Montérégie's greatest tourist
attractions. On a provincial
level, the event was as
prestigious as Expo 67,
especially as the
technological challenges
involved piqued worldwide

   Majestic display,
technological feat, and media
event. What follows is the
history of the R-100, a
beautiful, silvery airship,
the Titanic of the sky, and
so much more...
   This exhibit explains how
the airship was built,
describes its journey to

Saint Hubert and elsewhere in
Canada, as well as its
journey home.

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