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Celebrating 150 Years of Jewish History in Saint John
Saint John Jewish Historical Museum
Saint John , New Brunswick


keen observers of all city
activities. The synagogues
were established and children
attended schools throughout
the city and attended Hebrew
School. During the "Golden
Years" from the 1920s to the
1960s, the Jewish population
of Saint John exceeded 1,500
and Jewish activities were

many and well-attended. There
was something for everyone.
   The landscape of the city
has changed much over the
past 150 years - the two
earliest synagogues have been
demolished, the Main Street
ghetto of the Jewish
community and parts of the
"Valley" which the more

affluent Eastern European
families moved to and lived
in from the 1920s to the
1960s were lost to urban
redevelopment and a new
highway bisecting the city.
The children of the 1950s and
1960s took wholesale
advantage of the opportunity
for a university education

which had been largely denied
to their parents and
immigrant grandparents.
Parents sent their children
to Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa,
and the United States, and in
many cases followed them once
they settled in their new
   The Jewish community in

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