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Sworn to Secrecy: Canadians on Radar, 1940-1945
Secrets of Radar Museum (The)
London , Ontario


   By late 1935, as Germany
was rapidly expanding its
military capabilities, it
became evident that a new
technology that was created
by British scientists would
be essential to Britainís
survival. With war looming,
special training facilities
that were used to train men

and women to detect planes
from great distances now
needed to be away from
British soil, safe from
German spies and bombs. As a
result, the Canadian
Government agreed to
establish a training program
in which Canadian
universities would train

recruits in basic electronics
and radio theory.
   During World War II,
almost 6,000 Canadians were
trained on RADAR at the
request of the British
government and sent into
every theatre of war. Sworn
to an oath of secrecy that
was not fully lifted until

1991, it was only recently
that these men and women were
able to share their
experiences. Canadian radar
personnel were a crucial part
of the war effort. Many of
these early radar veterans
went on to have leadership
roles in the development of
radar during the Cold War and

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