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Military Medical Services of Northwestern Ontario
Thunder Bay Military Museum
Thunder Bay , Ontario


   This exhibit is part of a
series produced by the
Thunder Bay Military Museum
and History Society designed
to relate the rich military
history of Northwestern
Ontario. This production, on
the Military Medical
Services, details the history
of 4 Field Ambulance (now 18

Field Ambulance) through six
periods of Unit history.
   The first section
describes the region’s pre-
1914 military medical
services in the context of
national and regional
development. The subsequent
section deals with 4 Field
Ambulance in the First World

War, including its
mobilization and
transformation from a “paper”
unit to an active unit upon
the outbreak of hostilities
in 1914. Throughout the war,
Unit members served in
Belgium, France and Germany
earning more than 61
individual honours. The

third section focuses on the
Inter-War period, when the
Unit was transferred to the
Reserve Force and stationed,
alternately, in each of
Northwestern Ontario’s Twin
Cities of Port Arthur and
Fort William. The Unit was
first under the command of
LCol George E. McCartney in

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