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Chronicles of Bentley
Bentley Museum
Bentley , Alberta


   It is our goal to relate
the history of our charming
town. Bentley, Alberta lies
like a jewel in the beautiful
Blindman Valley, a geographic
feature that caught the
attention of many of the
early pioneers. A spectacular
view greets you as you enter
the town from the east.

Immediately before you is the
Town of Bentley and in the
distance are the famous
“Sunset Hills”. On a clear
day, you can also see the
snow capped Rocky Mountains.
You are treated to equally
magnificent views when you
top the rim of the valley
from the south or west.

   In 1899, Major William
McPherson and his sons
purchased homesteads, land
that is now the centre of our
town of Bentley. The
McPherson’s operated a store
and built a cheese factory.
Read how they influenced the
growth of the town and its

   We will share with you
the stories of the hardships,
joys and difficulties these
early pioneers faced and how
they coped with the elements
that shaped their way of
life. You will see how a
ravaging fire in the early
1900s destroyed the business
section on one side of Main

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