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Helping Hands on the Ski Hills and Trails: Ski Patrol in the National Capital Region
Canadian Ski Museum (The)
Ottawa , Ontario


   The Canadian Ski Museum
recognizes what an important
role Ski Patrollers play in
the welfare and enjoyment of
skiers - both cross country
and alpine skiers have
benefitted from their
expertise and training. Ski
patrollers are passionate
about their sport and their

volunteer activity, lending a
helping hand on and off the
hills and trails. We hope we
have captured this passion
and caring in exploring the
history of the Ski Patrol in
the Ottawa area.
   The Canadian Ski Patrol
System is a national
volunteer organization with

local divisions that involve
more than five thousand
members across Canada. This
exhibit traces the origins of
the Canadian Ski Patrol
System (CSPS) and follows its
development through to the
present day in the National
Capital region. "Helping
Hands on the Ski Hills and

Trails" also tells the story
of the OSCARS (Ottawa Ski
Club Aid and Rescue), an
important part of the Ottawa
Ski Club, and an early Ski
Patrol organization in this
region. Currently, very
little information is
available online about the
OSCARS and the museum has

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