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Charles-Alfred Roy, known as Desjardins, the "boss" of Saint-André de Kamouraska
Musée régional de Kamouraska
Kamouraska , Quebec


   Born in 1846, Charles-
Alfred Roy (known as
“Desjardins”) could truly be
called a 'self-made man'. At
the age of 13, he started
work on a ship as a sailor,
but put an end to his
seafaring life at the age of
17 following the drowning
deaths of his father and two

of his brothers. Back on
land, he found work in a
clock factory, and two years
later bought the business
from the owner. He moved
into the production of
agricultural machinery in
subsequent years, and by the
end of the century, Charles-
Alfred was a

multimillionaire. This was a
rare accomplishment for a
French-Canadian during this
time, especially for one
living far from a large urban
   This Community Memories
exhibit explores the life of
this industrialist, whose
impact on the history of the

municipality of Saint-André
de Kamouraska is still seen

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