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The History of the Independent Record Labels
Phonothèque québécoise
Montréal , Quebec


   This exhibit illustrates
the evolution of the record
industry in Montreal, using
images of performers and
craftspeople, studios, sound
recording devices, record
sleeves, musical scores,
magazine illustrations,
posters and advertisements.
Sound clips of the interview

excerpts are used to
illustrate the history of
this flourishing industry.
Among those interviewed are
producers, technicians, sound
men, artistic directors,
managers, distributors,
artists, record dealers,
radio producers and

   All genres of music
recorded by the industry are
documented, including song,
jazz, popular music,
classical, contemporary and
folk. Because the field is so
vast, existing labels have
been given precedence.
Nonetheless, a number of
witnesses to the past have

been included (among them,
four specialized workers from
the RCA Victor factory).
   Montreal was the capital
of the Canadian record
industry until the Second
World War. The Berliner
record company was
established in Montreal,
birthplace of the Canadian

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