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Between the Great Wars
Mather Post Office Museum
Mather , Manitoba


   November, 1918 was a time
of great joy and great
sadness in the small prairie
town of Mather. Many of the
town’s young men were
returning from the "Great
War," but eight did not come
back: Steven Dunn, George
Myall, Dick Graves, Joe
Thompson, George Chase,

George Graves, Rodger O’Brien
and George Waltho. While some
of the young men who came
home from the war moved on,
others resumed their lives in
   This Community Memories
Exhibit is a snapshot of the
life to which they returned.
Mather’s first generation

pioneers are all gone, as are
many of the second
generation, but a few remain
who can recall the time
between World War I and World
War II.
   Cars back then were very
basic models and not every
household owned one. Travel
by auto, truck or bus was a

rarity and even at the end of
the decade the railway
station was still the
community’s contact point
with the outside world.
Passenger trains ran east and
west six days a week, with
regular way freights as well.
The mail came and went by
train and many telegrams were

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