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Our Stories - Remembering Niagara's Proud Black History
Norval Johnson Heritage Centre
Niagara Falls , Ontario


   A story might be a legend,
a romance, an anecdote, a
chronicle, a recital, a
description. A story, true
or fictitious, might be
designed to interest, to
amuse, or, perhaps, to
instruct the listener. A
story is a narration of the
events in the life of a

   The telling of oral
stories is something shared
in every culture as a means
of entertainment, education,
preserving culture and
instilling moral values.
Traditionally, oral stories
were committed to memory and
then passed from generation

to generation. People get
different meanings out of
stories. Sometimes learning
to understand those meanings
can change lives and make the
future better: to decide
where you want to go helps to
understand where you where
we have been.
   Memory is retaining and

REVIVING facts, events and
   Just as individuals make
up a community, a collection
of individual memories
brought together could be
said to create a community of
memory. Niagara's community
of memory hosts some
extraordinary Black Canadian

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