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The Sinking of the Valencia: The Tragedy and Beyond
Bamfield Community School Association
Bamfield , British Columbia


   When the S.S. Valencia
sank off Vancouver Island on
Monday, January 22nd, 1906, a
terrible tragedy unfolded
over the course of several
days. In the years since, the
effect of the tragedy on the
surrounding community has
been profound.
   To prevent such a

disaster from ever happening
again, dramatic improvements
were soon made to navigation
on the west coast of
Vancouver Island. The
telegraph trail that had been
instrumental in rescue
efforts was upgraded; Pachena
Lighthouse was built, as well
as a lifeboat station at Clo-

oose. A boathouse and a boat
slip were constructed at
Ucluelet lifeboat station and
a house, boat slip and
kitchen annex were added to
the Bamfield Creek lifeboat
station. These changes were
immediate; others were longer
   This Community Memories

exhibit follows the evolution
of life in our community of
Bamfield since the tragic
sinking of the Valencia.
Stories, photos, audio/video
excerpts and documentation
paint a picture of the
disaster as a catalyst for
change, changes that have
preserved a way of life that

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