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Riverton Musical Memories
Riverton Transportation & Heritage Centre
Riverton , Manitoba


   The Riverton Musical
Memories exhibit features
musical talent from a small
Manitoba village and its
surrounding community. For
more than 50 years, local
musicians and supportive
individuals have preserved a
tradition that has been a
source of pride and

   The Riverton Musical
Memories exhibit showcases
"Johnny and his Musical
Mates," a local family of
talented musicians. For
decades, these dedicated
musicians influenced others
and provided the impetus for
family and friends to acquire

a lifelong love for music.
   The exhibit's images,
reminiscences, music and
vocal clips, are divided into
five storylines: Johnny and
his Musical Mates, Musical
Mates, The Next Generation,
Fine Country Folk and
Riverton Hootenanny. The
musicians of Riverton have

created a legacy through
their commitment and
dedication to music. They
have been an inspiration for
generations to follow.

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