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Life, Love and Laughter
Ashern Pioneer Museum
Ashern , Manitoba


   This virtual tour is
conducted by a community
member, John Cochrane,
portraying a surveyor, A.S.
Hern, after whom the town was
named in 1918.
   Hern introduces the
concept of a history of the
Siglunes area, entitled
“Life, Love and Laughter,”

explaining that it will be
illustrated using bits from a
dinner theatre production, as
well as skits performed over
the last few years at the
Thresherman’s Reunion. He
then shows where Ashern is,
and briefly presents the
history of the development of
the area during the early

   The exhibit’s narrative,
pictures and tiny video bites
touch on historical events,
sometimes in a humourous way.
We are introduced to a strap-
using teacher, a man who
built a castle on the
prairies, a municipal
official who bribed local

farmers to promote the area
for recruitment purposes, and
the town hall trial of a pig.
We hear about a historical
bank robbery, and a group of
local men who posed as Nazis
and took over the railroad
station. A man in the 1950s
tried to do a “woman’s job,”
and a lady tells how she got

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