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Bendale: About Place
Scarborough Historical Museum
Toronto , Ontario


   Since 2004, the
Scarborough Historical Museum
has been collecting the
reminiscences of Bendale
residents willing to share
their experiences from all
backgrounds and cultures.
This exhibit tells the
stories of longtime residents
and of recent immigrants,

bringing together many
different voices and
perspectives. The project
covers every era of Bendale
history, from farm life and
the first wave of suburban
settlement, to its subsequent
explosive growth as a home
for new Canadians. Members of
the community describe all

this in their own words,
their stories supplemented
with family snapshots,
letters, writing and artwork.
Recent and archival
photographs of local
landmarks add to this vivid
study of the past and
present. The community’s
youth have also contributed

with photographs depicting
one day in the life of
   Rounding out this tour of
the cradle of Scarborough,
local historians take viewers
along St. Andrew’s Road, a
picturesque, winding country
pathway located at the north
end of Thomson Memorial Park,

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