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Always First
Okanagan Military Museum
Kelowna , British Columbia


   Of all the militia units
assembled throughout the
British Columbia region of
Thompson-Okanagan, The
British Columbia Dragoons
(BCD) were the most famous.
In two world wars, BCD
volunteers marched with their
town and country brothers in
active service. Theirs were

among the most effective of
overseas combat units, a
heroic wartime tradition
maintained by Dragoon
reservists in Cold war and
peacekeeping missions with
regular force soldiers.
   From the original horse-
borne Mounted Infantry to
today’s vehicle-borne

Armoured Tank and
Renaissance, the vintage and
contemporary photographs of
this exhibit tell the story
of one hundred proud years of
the British Columbia
   Since this is the first
virtual exhibit produced by
the Okanagan Military Museum

and its sponsors, some errors
or omissions may have
occurred. The images are
representative of the
complete BCD collection,
which constitutes a small
portion of the overall
photographic collections held
by the Okanagan Military

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