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The War Years Remembered
Wetaskiwin & District Museum
Wetaskiwin , Alberta


   The "War Years Remembered"
is an exhibit that features
the impact of WWII (1939 –
1945) upon the people of
Wetaskiwin, Alberta and its
surrounding area. A
collection of images,
documents, interviews and
reminiscences are portrayed
in six storylines.

   The first storyline, The
War Effort, demonstrates how
the people of Wetaskiwin met
the many challenges of
rationing, fundraising and
salvage efforts. Several
individuals give their
insight and reflect upon the
events, which occurred during
this historical period.

   Five additional
storylines present the unique
experiences and personal
memories of four war veterans
and a war bride. "I Lived
Through a Tough Time…"
recounts Harry Albers’
experiences fighting in Italy
and Holland. "Irish Molly"
tells the story of the war

bride, Florence Albers who
grew up in England during the
war, married a Canadian
soldier and immigrated to
Canada. "We Were Young…"
describes the life of Arthur
Potts, an aboriginal veteran
who served in Canada and
later became Chief and
Councillor of the Samson

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