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Historical Homes of Brigus
John N. Leamon Stone Barn Museum
Brigus , Newfoundland and Labrador


latter part of the 19th
century, however, had a
detrimental effect on small
fishing communities like
Brigus. Schooners soon gave
way to stronger and larger
steam ships that operated
only out of larger ports like
St. John's harbour. Many of
the islandís fishing

communities were abandoned
with the demise of the
fishery in Newfoundland, but
Brigus has survived. As a
picturesque coastal town
close to the capital city of
St. Johnís, Brigus attracts
tourists in the summer and
city dwellers who buy houses
in town as summer homes or

weekend retreats.
   The Old World lives on in
Brigus, thanks to government
funding and the love of this
beautiful community where old
buildings and houses are well
restored to maintain their
historic appeal.
   This Community Memories
exhibit takes the virtual

tourist around the town of
Brigus, along the most
prominent roads, pointing out
the townís landmarks, tourist
attractions and historic
buildings. The tour includes
several homes in Brigus, most
of which are more than a
century old, describing room
by room their place in the

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