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Historical Homes of Brigus
John N. Leamon Stone Barn Museum
Brigus , Newfoundland and Labrador


   Nestled quietly in
Conception Bay, the small
town of Brigus, Newfoundland
is well known for its rugged
beauty and serenity. Lesser
known is the town’s stature
in the late 19th Century as
one of the most prosperous
fishing and sealing
communities along the coast

of the Avalon Peninsula.
   Like many other
settlements in Newfoundland,
Brigus was originally
populated primarily by
settlers from Wales, Ireland
and England, men who became
rich landowners, high-ranking
political figures and sea
conquering heroes. These were

the men responsible for the
political, economic and
architectural development of
Brigus. These were the
settlers who, having claimed
Brigus as their home, bought
up land and began to build a
community where they could
raise their families
properly. They built houses,

large churches for worship
and schools. They opened up
small businesses and fish
stores that were soon in full
operation. Between 1830 and
1880 Brigus flourished as one
of the wealthiest centers in
   The introduction of steam
power to Newfoundland in the

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