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Atlantic Baptist Churches, Past and Present
Baptist Heritage Center
Moncton , New Brunswick


   When asked about the
Christians who are called
"Baptists" in Atlantic
Canada, many people are
likely to think of the
denominational structure that
is known as the "Convention
of Atlantic Baptists
Churches" (CABC). It was
originally organized in 1905-

1906 and was formerly known
as The United Baptist
Convention of the Atlantic
Provinces. Of course, in
Atlantic Canada there are
other Baptists of different
denominational organizations
and some independent bodies
of Baptists.
   The early settlers often

met for worship in open
fields or small clearings in
the forest. In fact, many
congregations began by a few
people gathering in homes of
members for worship and
fellowship. Beginning a
church with small gatherings
in homes remains common to
this day. Baptists believe

the Church exists in the body
of believers regardless of
its place of meeting.
   In this exhibit we have
attempted to catch a glimpse
of "Who Baptists Are" through
the histories of a few of the
congregation that make up the
Convention of Atlantic
Baptists Churches.

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