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Some Boats and Boatbuilders from Central Bonavista Bay
Glovertown Heritage Society Inc.
Glovertown , Newfoundland and Labrador


   The Glovertown Heritage
Society is happy to present
“Some Boats and Boatbuilders
from Central Bonavista Bay.”
The province of Newfoundland
and Labrador has a proud and
distinguished record of
boatbuilding–one that
continues today and extends
back to the days when only

Aboriginal people lived here.
Because the province had been
dependent primarily on the
fishery throughout its
history, the building and
repairing of boats has been
one of the island’s major
industries. This exhibit will
take you on an interesting
tour where you’ll see visions

of Aboriginal boats created
by the minds of students at
Glovertown Academy. You’ll
also see many other kinds of
boats, including the great
workhorse of Central
Bonavista Bay, the bully
boat. You’ll see schooners,
trapskiffs, motorboats, cabin
cruisers, speedboats, dories

and a variety of model boats.
You’ll see a moratorium boat.
You’ll meet several
boatbuilders and see how each
of them used both traditional
skills and unique personality
projections to create their
often very beautiful vessels.
Enjoy your tour!
   The Glovertown Heritage

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