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Virtual Battlefield: The Museum and Its Community
Battlefield House Museum
Stoney Creek , Ontario


   In 1789, widow Mary Jones
Gage and her two children,
James and Elizabeth, made the
journey from New York State
to Saltfleet Township (Stoney
Creek) in Upper Canada. In
1796, James married Mary
Davis, and a one-and-a-half-
storey frame house was built
on Crown Grant land.

   James and his wife Mary
eventually had ten children,
and lived in the house with
Jamesí mother, developing
their farm throughout the
first decade of the 19th
   The Gagesí hard work was
disrupted with the onset of
the War of 1812. On June 5,

1813, American troops
advanced into Stoney Creek,
stopping for the night at the
Gage homestead. Within hours
and under cover of darkness,
the British attacked, forcing
the Americans to retreat back
to Fort George.
   Battlefield House Museum,
the 100-foot high Battlefield

Monument, the Cemetery at
Smithís Knoll and the Nash-
Jackson House all stand in
testament to the Gages and
the Battle of Stoney Creek
and the efforts of the
Womenís Wentworth Historical
Society and other community
groups to preserve this
significant historic site.

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