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School Days of Port Moody
Port Moody Station Museum
Port Moody , British Columbia


   “The Schools of Port
Moody” chronicles the history
of the buildings used for
education in Port Moody,
British Columbia from 1883 to
1973 and includes some of the
students and teachers that
attended them.
   Port Moody was chosen to
be the Western Terminus of

the Canadian Pacific Railway
(CPR) in 1879. By 1883
population grown had reached
a level where formal
education was warranted.
   The first school built
was a one-room building at
the corner of Douglas and
Clarke Streets in 1885 and
the Port Moody School

District was formed. The one
room school may have been
used longer than originally
planned as the CPR extended a
branch line to Vancouver,
thus a decline in the
population growth of Port
Moody did not warrant a
larger school.
   Between 1908 and 1910 a 4

room Central school was built
at Moody and St Johns
Streets; several additions
were made to add secondary
classes. In 1951, it was
demolished and replaced by
Moody Elementary School
(still in use in 2003) and
Port Moody High School
(destroyed by fire in 1969).

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