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Saskatoon and the Second World War Experience
Canadian Military Heritage Museum (Saskatoon)
Saskatoon , Saskatchewan


   The last global conflict
of the twentieth century
wreaked havoc around the
world, but this exhibition,
Saskatoon and the Second
World War Experience,
focuses on the changes
experienced by one small
Canadian prairie city. The
exhibition has three story

linesó "Saskatoon before
September 1939," "Saskatoon
People and Places," and
"Saskatoon Military Effort
from 1939 to 1945"ódesigned
to portray the events,
cityscape, and experiences of
Saskatoon residents of the
time. Through a collection of
photographs, documents,

newspaper headlines and
recorded interviews
depicting the time period
between 1936 and 1946, this
exhibition shows how
Saskatoon changed from being
an agricultural centre to a
city that supported the
mobilization and training of
land, sea and air force

military personnel.

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