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In the Footsteps of a Founder
Centre historique des Soeurs de Notre-Dame du Bon-Conseil de Chicoutimi
Chicoutimi , Quebec


   At the beginning of the
20th century, nearly 1,000
nuns affiliated with les
Soeurs de Notre-Dame du Bon-
Conseil de Chicoutimi braved
adversity and hardship to
bring learning and knowledge
to the remotest areas of
Quebec’s Sagueanay Lac-Saint-
Jean and Côte-Nord regions,

as well as to Africa and
Chile. The forward-minded
sisters not only taught high
school, but also trained the
very teachers who would later
aid them in their work.
   Following in the
footsteps of the order’s
founder, Reverend Mother
Françoise Simard, these

sisters took an active part
in helping develop today’s
Quebec and in moving it
resolutely forward. This
exhibition tells the
inspirational story of their
remarkable work.

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